Who we are

We are team of enthusiastic sea captains and priests, to whom Holy Spirit suggested the idea of our and our brothers´cleanup with salty water after the fashion of apostles, that were -not by chance- every inch of a seamen. Beneficial impact to forming our personalities in community of 12 people on one board was proved not only during forming of apostles, but proves true on each of our sailings. We had already experienced more then seven year´s activity on sea, where we had taken in thousands of miles on many cleanup sailings. It took us nearly seven years to come to recognition that it would be great pity to dig in the blessings of our experiences and not to pool about our recognition just with You. The thing, that exactly You just came to these pages is surely not a random. The random, that is to say, does not exist and therefore if you just have felt the shudder in your heart to plunge into adventure, that will bring You to spend extraordinary experiences on sea and at the same time it will advance you in spiritual aspect, enables You to open Your heart to others and live out the enjoyment of friendship with the opportunity to meet new people - do not hesitate and set sails to where Master will meet You. Wise men of old had left to the desert for their cleanup. Your desert will be pilgrimage on sea. Our God appreciates brave heart, smile on the face and also even sweat droplet.